10 FREE ways to make money online!

10 FREE ways to make money online!
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Want to earn some extra money from home? While we all have some extra time, and you’re looking to make money online, it doesn’t take too much effort. Depending on your skills, some of these skills build upon your hobbies that you might already pursue without economic gain. You could easily make a hundred or thousand dollars per month.

The fact is, some of you want to find some legal work from home. You can try any of the following methods to find out some of the exciting ways to make money from home, and you can find something you’ve never heard of before. We will mention more than 10 free ways to make money online.

10+ FREE Ways to Make Money Online:

1. You can become a Blogger by starting making a blog, you can write about (Finance, Travel, Sports, Cooking, Technology, Health, Gaming, etc...). And also you can sell your Insights.

2. You can become a Virtual Assistant. The job description can be included scheduling appointments, making phone calls, managing and answering email accounts, making travel arrangements…etc.

3. Answering Online SurveysWatch Online Videos, or Play Online Games. You can depend on these methods, as it’s effortless and needs nothing but some free time in your day. There are lots of websites that depend on these methods and get points that will be changed into cash later.

4. You can create and make Online Courses with any of the skills you have. It’s so easy to make a FREE YouTube channel and start today.

5. You can become a Product Tester.

6. You can become a Website and Apps Tester.

7. You can become an Affiliate Marketer.

8. Start an E-commerce Website and sell products online.

9. You can Sell your Products on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, etc...

10. You can become a Social Media Specialist.

You can know more about different ways to make money online from home.

11. You can become an Online Life Coach, by giving online courses or make online conferences. A life coach is a person who helps you reach your goals, make changes in your life, or make you succeed.

12. You can become an Influencer on Instagram or on other social media networks.

13. You can become a Translator and Interpreter.

14. Buy and Sell Website Domains.

15. Become a Freelancer. If you have a skill for writing, making or editing videos, designing, Voice-over, translator, programming…etc., then you can become a freelancer. There are lots of websites for freelancing such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and more... You can sell your work or service by the hour, day, a part-time or full-time job, and then you can agree on your salary with the client.

16. Sell your Handmade Products or Crafts. The easiest way to do this is to make a Facebook page and start your own business.

17. Start Reviewing Websites, Apps, and Software.

18. Start a Podcast.

19. You can become an online Tutor.

20. If you have programming knowledge, you can become a Web Developer.

21. You can become a Writer in any field you want and get paid for that. There are many websites that can hire you for writing articles.

22. You can start a dropshipping business.

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