Review of the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network

Review of the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network
Credit: Travelpayouts

In this article, we will talk in more detail about a specific type of affiliate network which is the travel affiliate network. We have chosen only one company as an example to talk about it, which is Travelpayouts.

In the Travelpayouts travel affiliate network, you can earn money selling flight tickets, hotels, tours, car rentals, and other travel services. An overview of the Travelpayouts affiliate network will help you better understand the platform and how to earn money on it.

What is Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is a travel affiliate network that includes more than 80 affiliate programs, such as Booking, Klook, GetYourGuide, and others.

The affiliate network launched in 2011 and is currently the largest network in the travel niche, bringing together the largest brands and 270,000 affiliates from around the world.

You can be a part of Travelpayouts in just a few clicks.

How to Join the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network?

Review of the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network
Credit: Travelpayouts

Joining Travelpayouts is free and available to everyone. To register, you only need to provide an email address and come up with a password. Immediately after registration on the Travelpayouts official website, you will be granted access to your personal account, where you will have access to all affiliate programs and affiliate tools.

Some affiliate programs are available only after prior moderation. However, this is quite a simple process. You need to apply for a specific program, choose your type of traffic, and briefly describe your project. Moderation usually takes no more than a few working days.

You can know more about best travel affiliate programs.

How to Earn from Travelpayouts?

After joining the affiliate program, you will receive affiliate tools with your unique affiliate marker associated with them. For example, you will get access to affiliate links, widgets, banners, and some professional tools, such as API or White Label.

These tools will help you attract buyers to advertisers' websites. For example, you can place a widget inside an article on your blog or share an affiliate link on your Facebook group.

Successful affiliates earn five-figure amounts from Travelpayouts every month and build an entire online business selling travel services. Detailed statistics with top payouts are available on the main page of the affiliate network. Of course, high income is directly related to the amount of traffic you have and what/how you advertise.

Features of the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network

Travelpayouts is not an affiliate program, it is a network, which means that you have simultaneous access to many different affiliate programs through a single platform. This is the first feature of Travelpayouts.

The ability to connect to dozens of affiliate programs through a single platform is incredibly convenient. You can manage all programs from one dashboard, view and analyze detailed statistics, and, if necessary, get support for any of the programs.

The Travelpayouts support service operates seven days a week and is ready to promptly answer any question. So that there are fewer redundant questions, free training is available to each affiliate. Travelpayouts maintains a blog and platform with webinars, where the most common issues are explained in detail. All information is available free of charge.

To make running your online business even easier, you will find bonuses in your Travelpayouts account for the most necessary services, including domains, texts, graphics, and courses. These services and more are necessary for every affiliate marketer.

Join the Travelpayouts affiliate network today and earn money by selling travel services.

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