Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website!

Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website!
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Can you Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?
One Word Answer: YES.

Many people think you can not start affiliate marketing without a website, but this is totally wrong. Having your own website to promote your affiliate products is preferable. But it is possible for anyone to make money from affiliate marketing without having a website.

In affiliate marketing, you needn’t have your own products. In affiliate marketing, you start by signing up with any affiliate marketing program and choose the products you want to promote and start making money.

So, how can you start affiliate marketing and make money if you do not have your own website?

There are many options available for starting your affiliate marketing business. We will discuss some of these important options that can be used to start an affiliate marketing business and promote your affiliate products without having your own website.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for marketing your affiliate products. Visitors can click on your affiliate links in your emails and can go directly to a website to purchase your products.

Your email should contain an attractive brief introduction about the affiliate products that you are promoting with your affiliate links, and also you should give the visitors good reasons to go to your affiliate links, such as free gifts and coupons or free courses, and so on.

Also, you should grow your contact list. You can use online forums or surveys as an example, to make your contact list of emails.

2. PPC Affiliate Marketing

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. In PPC affiliate marketing you can receive revenue and earn commissions from the actions that website visitors take, such as visitors’ clicks on your affiliate link.

You can know more about the PPC, PPP, PPS, PPL Affiliate Marketing.

3. Writing Articles

You can write articles that contain your affiliate links, and you can publish them on any online publishing platform for articles or anywhere else. And if you write attractive, helpful articles and these articles get high traffic, then you will get high traffic also on your affiliate links too. So, you will have a high probability of earning some commissions from the clicks on your affiliate links.

4. Writing Free e-Books

One other option for promoting affiliate links is through an e-book. This is very simple and easy to execute. You will write an eBook with helpful and attractive information about any popular topic you want. Then you can share it in different ways such as on social media, any online publishing platform for articles, or you can sell it on any digital e-commerce store like Amazon or eBay…etc. And as we said before, the affiliate links of your products should be related to the topic of the eBook.

Also, you can write a brief description of the affiliate products that you will promote. When readers read your eBook and like it, they may click on the affiliate links of the products that are related to your topic in the eBook. So, it is very important to write and provide helpful information to your readers in order to gain their trust, and then for sure they will go and click on the affiliate links of your products.

5. Posting on Online Communities and Forums

You can promote your affiliate links through online communities and forums. You need to find some online communities and forums related to your affiliate products that have high traffic. After that, you have to sign up in many online communities and forums and start posting helpful information or answering questions on the posts of other people. At first, you should have high participation and contribution, to get high and more traffic to your content, and also to gain people’s trust. Then you can start putting your affiliate links for your products in your posts or in other posts or in your replying answers on other posts.

But there are two important things you must take into consideration for them. Firstly, after signing up for the online communities or forums, you should check the rules and the guidelines of each community or forum, to make sure you are allowed to promote and post your affiliate links or not. Secondly, you should be careful about posting your affiliate links so many times, because in this case, the admins of these online communities and forums will classify you as a spammer and you will be banned from these communities or forums.

6. Make a Blog

Anyone can make a blog as it is totally FREE and is easier than making a website. It won’t cost you anything, because you will use from Google. You can sign up for free and start writing your blog articles. After that, you can put your affiliate links for the products you are promoting into your blog posts. But don’t forget as we said before to make the content of your posts related to your affiliate links. This is one of the easiest ways to promote your affiliate links that will cost you nothing.

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7. YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the best platforms for promoting affiliate links. You can simply make a YouTube channel if you don’t have a website. It is very simple to sign up and have an account on YouTube. You don’t have to have thousands or millions of views and subscriptions, you will reach this later. The first thing you will have is to provide and make good and helpful content with high quality to your viewers, and then you can drop the affiliate links of your promoting products in the description section of the video with a small brief about each affiliate link and you can mention that in the video. And don’t forget again, that the content of every video must be related to the affiliate links of the products that you promote.

8. Social Media

Social media can be used for promoting your affiliate products, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc. In these social media platforms, there are millions and millions of visitors that use these platforms every day. So, if you don’t have a website, you can use the power of social media. And it is very easy to have accounts on these platforms by signing up for free. Then you can start promoting your affiliate products, by posting your affiliate links in your posts, comments, or groups, or in your bio description or your stories, but remember don’t be a spammer. You can also invite your friends, and for sure it will be better if you have thousands of friends or followers on these platforms.


So to wrap it up, it is preferable to have a website to promote your products. But, it is not necessary for beginners to have a website as we mentioned before. There are many other ways to start making money with affiliate marketing without a website. Also, don’t forget to make your own content of your posts unique, helpful, and related to the affiliate links of your products. The final advice to you, be patient, trust yourself, and learn more about affiliate marketing to become a successful affiliate marketer in the near future.

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