7 Ways to Travel and Make Money at the Same Time

7 Ways to Travel and Make Money at the Same Time
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If you’re like most people who always wanted to travel the world and see some new places, but don’t have any money saved up. So when it comes to traveling and earning money, you might be asking yourself, is it even possible? The answer is yes! It’s not impossible to travel and make money at the same time, though. If you put some thought into it, you can probably find ways to get paid to go traveling, so that you can see the world without having to pay for it! Here are seven ways to travel and make money at the same time.

1. Become a travel photographer and sell photos from your travels

If you’re good with a camera, you can make money by taking photos of places you visit. Not only will you be able to turn your travel photos into great pieces for your own travel-photo collection (hey, who doesn’t love reliving their trips!), but others might also want to buy them from you! In fact, there are plenty of people willing to pay for high-quality photographs of landmarks. And don’t worry about legal issues; if your photos are breathtaking enough, they won’t even mind that they were taken without permission. One way is by signing up as a contributor on Getty Images or Alamy and submitting images that align with their content needs. Another option is to sell your pictures directly through platforms like Shutterstock, which offers some pretty impressive payment rates—especially considering how easy it is to submit an image.

Plus, many other sites offer similar deals in exchange for use of your images. Once you start building up a portfolio and reputation as a photographer, you could potentially earn quite a bit of money doing what you love: traveling! You must know where you should go for a vacation when making these beautiful photo shots. When choosing where to go, look out for locations that have strong lightings such as beaches, forests, or mountains. Be sure to check weather reports beforehand so you know whether the rain will ruin your photo shoot plans. Remember - sunny days yield better results than cloudy ones!

2. Get sponsored by brand

If you are a passionate traveler, why not make money while you travel? You can find hundreds of ways to earn money online, but some are more feasible than others. Find sponsors who will pay you cash for doing small tasks. Sign up with an affiliate program, such as VigLink or CJ Affiliate. Contact companies whose products and services you use on a regular basis (cameras, hotels, cars, consumer goods). In addition to sponsored posts, you can get paid for writing guest posts on other travel blogs. The key is to be genuine in your approach; offer value without being pushy. In fact, most bloggers agree that sponsored posts should never be written as advertorials. Instead, they should focus on providing honest information about a product or service.

Here’s how one blogger does it: For every post I write about a product, I mention it only once within my own content. To learn more about making money from your travels, check out our guide to making money from blogging. Many companies pay bloggers to post about their products or brands on their blogs. For example, if you want to visit Paris, start blogging about all things in it. Then contact companies in Paris and see if they will sponsor your trip. Maybe they'll even give you a stipend so that you can take some time off from work and get lost in one of your favorite cities for a couple of weeks!

If getting sponsored seems intimidating, check out Flightfox which is a platform that connects bloggers with travel brands who are willing to sponsor trips in exchange for coverage. This is how I paid for my trip to Egypt: I started a travel-focused food website where I shared my adventures eating my way through different countries. After a few months, I had built up enough traffic to my website that local restaurants were contacting me asking if I wanted to try their food for free. I could be making money while traveling around the world! So far, I've been able to use these opportunities as an excuse to go backpacking around Europe every few months. Don't forget to do your research before accepting any offers though—make sure you know exactly what you're signing up for and what's expected of you in return. Always make sure there's some sort of agreement in place so that both parties know exactly what they're getting into beforehand.

3. Make YouTube videos about your travel experiences

Many people believe that making YouTube videos will get them rich quickly. It's true that there are a few YouTube stars who make millions of dollars every year, but they're extremely rare. If you're not willing to stick with it, travel vlogging may not be for you. However, if you have a passion for sharing your experiences on video, it can be an excellent way to travel around and earn money. Since traveling is generally expensive, you'll definitely need an income stream. A good way to make money while traveling is by making YouTube videos about your travels. You could also do sponsored posts or affiliate marketing, which means promoting products in exchange for a commission. When you travel full-time, making money from home becomes more difficult. As such, travel blogging and other forms of digital nomadism are great ways to supplement your income without having to sit behind a desk all day.

Here are some tips for making money from YouTube: Make high-quality content: Don't just shoot random stuff; create useful content that keeps viewers coming back again and again. People aren't going to watch crappy videos just because they happen to know you personally (though some might). They want quality content that adds value to their lives. The easiest way to make sure your videos don't suck is by planning out what you want before hitting the record. Before starting any project, ask yourself: What am I trying to accomplish? Who am I trying to reach? How can I make my audience happy? This exercise will help you develop a plan so that when you start filming, you already know where things are headed. Make your channel unique: One of the best ways to stand out from others on YouTube is by making your channel unique. For example, instead of talking about traveling, talk about traveling cheap. Instead of talking about vacation destinations, talk about the best places to visit in Europe for example. These topics are much more specific than general ones like travel and vacation—and they'll make your channel much easier to find when someone searches for those terms. There's no right or wrong here—just make sure that whatever topic you choose resonates with who you are as a person.

4. Run a travel blog and write about your travel experiences

The same thing for blogging! Running your own travel blog and writing about your experiences is a great way to make money from traveling. There are a number of travel bloggers who make their living off of affiliate links and sponsorships, along with other income-generating strategies (like working as a host or becoming an AirBnB operator). You don’t need a degree in blogging, though: you can teach yourself by following some best practices for posting on travel blogs—like making sure to include multiple images per post and ensuring your content engages readers, not just taking up space. You’ll also want to take advantage of Google AdSense and learn how search engine optimization can boost your traffic.

When it comes to monetizing your travel blog, there are plenty of options available. Affiliate marketing is one route; it basically means promoting products or services that will get people to pay you a commission if they make a purchase. This could be as simple as placing Amazon links within your posts so that when someone buys something after clicking through from your site, you earn a small percentage of its price tag. To make money from traveling via a travel blog, however, you'll need to find ways to generate traffic and make sure that visitors stick around long enough to click on sponsored links. If you're looking for additional tips, check out this blog post that will guide you to making money with affiliate marketing, which offers actionable advice based on real examples.

5. Rent out your apartment while traveling

You might think traveling is an expensive activity, but you can still make money from traveling. If you have an apartment that's sitting empty while you're away, why not rent it out to earn some extra income? Make sure to inform your landlord about your plan so that everything goes smoothly when you need to get back into your place. A good site for finding places to stay all over the world is Airbnb—it connects travelers with hosts who have extra space in their homes or rooms in their apartments. In addition to providing a home-like experience, many hosts are also great sources of information on local culture and activities. This makes them especially helpful if you're traveling solo or as a couple! The platform charges a small fee per booking, but most rentals tend to be priced below market value, which means there’s no shortage of people looking for somewhere to stay on vacation.

6. Be a social media influencer

An Instagram-famous traveler? A Twitter famous? A blogger with a healthy email list of readers? You're in luck—being a social media influencer is one of many ways to make money traveling. To get started, reach out to big companies and ask them for free products or services in exchange for exposure on your social media accounts. If you have a business idea that would be better sold online, create an online course and promote it using paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Google. Also, you can sell ad space on your own website or blog to generate revenue from targeted traffic. All of these opportunities are great ways to make money while you travel, but they all require quite a bit of planning. From choosing products to promoting them (or creating your own), marketing yourself, and creating valuable content, there's a lot involved before you can reap many rewards. In addition, keep in mind that most successful social media influencers have spent years cultivating their audience—so don't expect instant success overnight!

7. Rent out your car when you’re gone

Rental cars cost money. If you’re traveling for work, chances are you’re already forking over some cash to rent a car, but if you happen to be traveling to your destination by plane, train, or bus, why not rent out your car to other travelers while you’re gone? It might seem like a lot of work and effort, but it can definitely pay off in savings. Many sites let you set up an account that lets your neighbors or others rent out your car when you aren't using it. You'll make money from fees each time someone rents your vehicle as well as from insurance during travel.

You won't have to worry about maintenance on your end. Plus, there's no way to predict when a personal emergency will come up or what kind of traffic conditions you might encounter on your trip—but having extra cash just in case makes it easier to handle any curveballs life throws at you. This way, even if something goes wrong with your flight home, maybe there's another flight leaving later that day—or maybe instead of booking another night at a hotel room near where you're working, renting out your car will give you extra enough funds for something closer to home without costing more than necessary. Not every traveler has considered renting their car out while they're away, but now that you know how easy it is to do and how much money you could potentially save, there's really no reason not to try it!


Although it might sound contradictory, it’s entirely possible to both travel cheaply, and make money on your trip. In fact, there are several ways you can do exactly that! Whether you’re looking for a second income or just want an excuse to take another trip. These seven ways are not the only ways to make money from traveling. So, if you’re looking for a new adventure that can help boost your finances while allowing you to see the world, there are plenty of opportunities out there. And they don’t require any special skills or training. You may be surprised by how much extra cash you make just from traveling. Making money from traveling doesn’t have to be difficult; with a little ingenuity, you could come up with several creative ways to do so. Give it a try! Happy traveling!

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